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Professional Lighting → Strobe Lights
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American DJ Big Shot LED
Price: $49.95
 Farralane Price: $39.99

American DJ Flash Shot DMX
Price: $179.95
 Farralane Price: $129.99

American DJ FREQ 16 Strobe
Price: $559.95
 Farralane Price: $399.99

American DJ FREQ 5 Strobe
Price: $239.95
 Farralane Price: $179.99

American DJ Mega Flash DMX
Price: $199.95
 Farralane Price: $149.99

American DJ Mega Flash Pak
Price: $999.95
 Farralane Price: $749.99

American DJ S-10S
Price: $49.95
 Farralane Price: $37.99

American DJ Snap Shot LED
Price: $89.95
 Farralane Price: $69.99

ES-Series Egg Strobes
Price: $20.99
 Farralane Price: $15.99

Irradiant SRL-523DMX Strobe
Price: $307.99
 Farralane Price: $229.95

Irradiant SRL-562 Strobe w/lamp
Price: $175.99
 Farralane Price: $124.99

Irradiant SRL-565 Strobe w/lamp
Price: $87.99
 Farralane Price: $69.95

Martin Atomic 3000 DMX
Price: $1,010.00
 Farralane Price: $729.99

Martin Atomic Colors
Price: $1,310.00
 Farralane Price: $939.99

Martin Atomic Detonator
Price: $204.12
 Farralane Price: $145.00

Martin MPU-02 Power Supply for Atomic Colors
Price: $353.61
 Farralane Price: $249.99

Martin MPU-08 Power Supply for Atomic Colors
Price: $1,310.00
 Farralane Price: $939.99

V-701 Pro Strobe
Price: $96.99
 Farralane Price: $72.99

V-701C Controller
Price: $28.99
 Farralane Price: $21.99

V-750 Power FlashPower Flash
Price: $232.00
 Farralane Price: $174.00
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