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Antari F3 Fazer
Price: $1,999.95
 Farralane Price: $1,499.99

Antari Ice Machine
Price: $979.95
 Farralane Price: $749.99

Antari IP 1500 1500W Fog Machine
Price: $1,399.95
 Farralane Price: $999.99

Antari X-310 II Fazer
Price: $959.95
 Farralane Price: $699.99

Antari X-510 II Foger
Price: $699.95
 Farralane Price: $499.99

Antari X-515 Fogger
Price: $799.95
 Farralane Price: $539.99

Antari X-Fog Fluid
Price: $34.95
 Farralane Price: $22.99

Antari X-Fog Ice
Price: $39.99
 Farralane Price: $26.99

Antari X-Snow Fluid
Price: $34.95
 Farralane Price: $20.99

Antari Z-20 Remote
Price: $119.95
 Farralane Price: $80.99

Elation B-100XT Pro Bubble Machine w/ Timer Remote
Price: $179.95
 Farralane Price: $129.99

Elation B-200 Professional High Output Bubble Machine
Price: $579.95
 Farralane Price: $449.99

Elation DNG 200 High Volume Self Contained Low Lying Fog Machine
Price: $10,999.95
 Farralane Price: $7,999.99

Elation DNG100 High Volume Fog Cooler
Price: $4,499.95
 Farralane Price: $3,499.99

Elation F-80Z 700W Economy Fog Machine
Price: $79.95
 Farralane Price: $59.99

Elation FLG Antari Fog Fluid Liquid Green
Price: $199.95
 Farralane Price: $134.93

Elation FLM-05 Fog Fluid for the M-1
Price: $35.95
 Farralane Price: $24.23

Elation FLR Fog Fluid Antari "Red" Light / Low Lying Fog Fluid
Price: $49.95
 Farralane Price: $39.99

Elation HZ300 Professional DMX Haze Machine
Price: $859.95
 Farralane Price: $649.99

Elation HZ-350 DMX Haze Machine w/ Built In Wireless
Price: $1,149.95
 Farralane Price: $849.99
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