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Turbosound B-12DP Digitally Self-Powered Subwoofer
Price: $7,598.00
 Farralane Price: $3,799.00

Turbosound B-15 Low Frequency Loudspeaker
Price: $3,998.00
 Farralane Price: $1,999.00

Turbosound B-15DP Self-Powered Low Frequency Loudspeaker
Price: $7,998.00
 Farralane Price: $3,999.00

Turbosound B-18 Bandpass Subwoofer
Price: $5,998.00
 Farralane Price: $2,999.00

Turbosound B-18DP Self-Powered Subwoofer
Price: $10,398.00
 Farralane Price: $5,199.00

Turbosound Impact35 Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $578.00
 Farralane Price: $289.00

Turbosound Impact35T Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $678.00
 Farralane Price: $339.00

Turbosound Impact55T Compact Passive 2-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $798.00
 Farralane Price: $399.00

Turbosound Impact65T Passive 2-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $1,278.00
 Farralane Price: $639.00

Turbosound LMS-D26 Digital Loudspeaker Management
Price: $5,398.00
 Farralane Price: $2,699.00

Turbosound M15 Self-Powered Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $2,164.00
 Farralane Price: $1,082.00

Turbosound M18 Self-Powered Subwoofer
Price: $2,958.00
 Farralane Price: $1,479.00

Turbosound NuQ-10 Active/Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $3,598.00
 Farralane Price: $1,799.00

Turbosound NuQ-10DP Digitally Self-Powered Loudspeaker
Price: $7,198.00
 Farralane Price: $3,599.00

Turbosound NuQ-12 Active/Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $4,798.00
 Farralane Price: $2,399.00

Turbosound NuQ-12DP Digitally Self-Powered Loudspeaker
Price: $9,198.00
 Farralane Price: $4,599.00

Turbosound NuQ-15 Active/Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $5,598.00
 Farralane Price: $2,799.00

Turbosound NuQ-15DP Digitally Self-Powered Loudspeaker
Price: $9,998.00
 Farralane Price: $4,999.00

Turbosound NuQ-6 Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $2,098.00
 Farralane Price: $1,049.00

Turbosound NuQ-8 Passive Two-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $2,598.00
 Farralane Price: $1,299.00
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