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Cases and Racks → Amplifier Cases
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Marathon MA-10UAD 10U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $315.99
 Farralane Price: $249.99

Marathon MA-11M16UCT 11U Slant Mixer Rack / 16U Vertical Rack System
Price: $589.99
 Farralane Price: $465.99

Marathon MA-11M16UCT2 11U Slant Mixer Rack / 16U Vertical Rack System / Table on Both Sides
Price: $627.99
 Farralane Price: $495.99

Marathon MA-11M16UCTLT Combo Case W/ Caster Board, Table & Laptop Shelf
Price: $665.99
 Farralane Price: $525.99

Marathon MA-12UAD 12U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $332.99
 Farralane Price: $262.99

Marathon MA-12UAD21 12U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $378.99
 Farralane Price: $298.99

Marathon MA-14UADW 14U Amplifier Deluxe Case W/ Wheels
Price: $486.99
 Farralane Price: $384.99

Marathon MA-16UAD 16U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $399.95
 Farralane Price: $315.99

Marathon MA-16UAD21W 16U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $437.99
 Farralane Price: $345.99

Marathon MA-16UADW 16 Space Amp Rack W/ Wheels
Price: $513.95
 Farralane Price: $405.95

Marathon MA-18UADW 18U Amplifier Deluxe Case W/ Wheels
Price: $589.99
 Farralane Price: $465.99

Marathon MA-20UAD 20U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $522.99
 Farralane Price: $412.99

Marathon MA-20UADW 20U Amplifier Deluxe Case W/ Wheels
Price: $655.99
 Farralane Price: $517.99

Marathon MA-2UAD 2U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $209.99
 Farralane Price: $165.99

Marathon MA-2UADHW 2U Amplifier Deluxe Case W/ Handle & Wheels
Price: $256.99
 Farralane Price: $202.99

Marathon MA-2UED 2U Effect Deluxe Case
Price: $171.00
 Farralane Price: $135.99

Marathon MA-3UAD 3U Amplifier Deluxe Case - 18" Body Depth
Price: $218.99
 Farralane Price: $172.99

Marathon MA-3UED 3U Effect Deluxe Case
Price: $190.95
 Farralane Price: $150.99

Marathon MA-4UAD 4U Amplifier Deluxe Case
Price: $228.99
 Farralane Price: $180.99

Marathon MA-4UADHW 4 Space Amp Rack W/ Wheels
Price: $285.95
 Farralane Price: $225.95
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