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Marathon B-1818X Dual 18" Subwoofer System PA-18100 Equiped
Price: $513.99
 Farralane Price: $405.99

Marathon B-18X Single 18" Subwoofer, PA-18100 Loaded
Price: $323.99
 Farralane Price: $255.99

Marathon BTW-1600 Bullet Tweeter
Price: $95.00
 Farralane Price: $82.00

Marathon BTW-1600VC Voice Coil for BTW-1600
Price: $20.99
 Farralane Price: $16.99

Marathon DJ-1202 Compact Single 12" 2-Way Trapezoid Loudspeaker
Price: $133.99
 Farralane Price: $105.99

Marathon DJ-123 Single 12" 3-Way Loudspeaker, PA 1250 Equipped
Price: $151.99
 Farralane Price: $119.99

Marathon DJ-1502 Compact Single 15" 2-Way Trapezoid Loudspeaker
Price: $152.99
 Farralane Price: $120.99

Marathon DJ-2153 Dual 15" 3-Way Loud Speaker PA-1550 Equipped
Price: $304.00
 Farralane Price: $240.00

Marathon DJ-2183 Dual 18" 3-Way Loud Speaker PA-18100 Equipped
Price: $399.95
 Farralane Price: $315.95

Marathon DJ-2502 Compact Dual 15" 2-Way Trapezoid Loudspeaker
Price: $266.99
 Farralane Price: $210.99

Marathon ENT-115 Single 15" 2-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $342.99
 Farralane Price: $270.99

Marathon ENT-115V2 Texture Coated Single 15" 2-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $456.99
 Farralane Price: $360.99

Marathon ENT-118 Carpeted Single 18" Subwoofer System, PA-18200 Equipped
Price: $437.99
 Farralane Price: $345.99

Marathon ENT-118V2 Texture Coated Single 18" Subwoofer System
Price: $513.99
 Farralane Price: $405.99

Marathon ENT-215 Dual 15" 2-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $437.99
 Farralane Price: $345.99

Marathon ENT-215V2 Texture Coated Dual 15" 2-Way Loudspeaker
Price: $627.99
 Farralane Price: $495.99

Marathon ENT-218 Carpeted Dual 18" Subwoofer System
Price: $703.99
 Farralane Price: $555.99

Marathon ENT-218V2 Texture Coated Dual 18" Subwoofer System
Price: $798.99
 Farralane Price: $630.99

Marathon JR-115 Compact Single 15" 2-Way Portable Loudspeaker System
Price: $342.99
 Farralane Price: $270.99

Marathon JR-118 Compact Single 18" Portable Subwoofer System
Price: $437.99
 Farralane Price: $345.99
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