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Active Line Array Module 8"/6.5"/1" 420 W

A three-way active line array system, the DVA T4 has set new standards in the sound reinforcement industry since its 2007 market launch. Better yet, it has brought the benefits of real line array technology to a much wider range of users. More than 15,000 DVA T4 modules have shipped as of February 2011. Equipped with top-notch features and engineered for maximum versatility, the DVA T4 delivers premium performance and ensures excellent return on investment.

    8 modules (2 m array) connected to one 16A phase place just 125 kg load on the pick-point
    Fully powered units, freely scalable to setups of any size
    Lossless signal path with no need for speaker cables
    None of the impedance and amp channel availability concerns associated with passive models
    Sequentially configurable array segments
    Digital controller (DSP) onboard for utmost operating safety

The future of line arrays is active
Beside the accurate reproduction of a 3-way system with active DSP controlled amplification and all other advantages of active technology like phase- and line alignment, the active technology gives the advantage to optimize each Array-element due to its position in the system and the total number of combined line array units. The DVA T4 provides 8 different Setups to optimize for example the HF-response according to it's function (nearfield/midfield/farfield) or the low-mid-response due to the number of combined units. No lossfull and expensive speaker cabling is needed anymore.

Constant directivity
The DVA T4 Top is equipped with a constant directivity horn for the High and Mid section and offers a nominal coverage angle of 100°x15°. The CD-Horn provides high flexibility and a good natured attitude if for instance the Array is not aligned correctly. The DVA uses apart from the formation of cylindrical waves (very much depending on the number of T4 elements) the vector summing of the individual horns. This means that with growing distance to the source (if set up correctly) the listener perceives more and more vector sums of the single elements. However it has to be considered, that the fewer elements are used to spread the sound to a specific area, the stronger must be the curving of them. Thats how the effect of optimised SPL distribution is managed.

The wide frequency response from 80 - 19.000Hz and the horizontal dispersion of 15° offers flexible handling without additional Subwoofer e.g. for background-music and speech. For other applications like live music the matching Subwoofer SUB S20 can be added to the system. The integrated digital Class-T Amplifier provides a power of 420 Watt/RMS with an efficiency of 90% and drives the system three ways active. The innovative Class-T design offers in comparison to other digital amplifiers an outstanding sound quality with superb high-frequency sound, equal to a Class A/B circuit. The integrated 24-Bit DSP operates the active crossover, the active EQ, the Limiter-control and all safety-circuits. In addition to that, the DVA T4 is equipped with an innovative power-factor-corrected power supply, operating from 85 to 260 V which allows up to eight DVA T4 to be connected to one 16 amp AC-braker.

SpecificationsTechnical data
Speaker Type3-Way Active Line Array Module
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]80 - 19.000 Hz
Max SPLOne Unit: 128 dB
HF2x1 "
Type HFNeodymium Compression Driver
Voice Coil HF1.4 "
Directivity100x15 °
HornIntegrated CD Horn
MF6.5 "
Type MFNeodymium
Sealed Basket
Phase Plug
Horn Loaded
Voice Coil MF1.5 "
LF8 "
Type LFNeodymium
Voice Coil LF2.5 "
Amp TechnologyDigital Class-T, var. clock frequency
Amp ClassClass D
Power Supplywith PFC SMPS
HF Amp100 W/RMS
MF Amp100 W/RMS
LF Amp220 W/RMS
ControllerAnalog Devices
DSP 24 bit/48 kHz
System Presets8, HF/Low-mid correction
LimiterDual Active Limiter
RMS, Peak, Thermal
Crossover Frequency MF-HF1800 Hz
Slope MF-HF24 dB/Octave
Crossover Frequency LF-MF400 Hz
Slope LF-MF24 dB/Octave
Input Section
Signal Input1x XLR fem, sym
Input Sensitivity [dBu]-00 - Max -2 dBu
Signal Output1x XLR male, sym.
Power Socket1x Powercon In
1x Powercon Out
Voltage Range90 - 240 V
HousingPolypropylen PP
Housing DesignTrapezoidal
ColorBlack, White
Handles1x per side
Front Grille1.5mm metall grille with acoustic foam in back
Rigging PointsIntegrated rigging hardware
Width580 mm (23.2 in)
Height240 mm (9.6 in)
Depth327 mm (13.08 in)
Weight13.8 kg (30.42 lbs)


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