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Emulation Pro™ is an advanced and scalable lighting control application designed to control medium to large lighting installations, for both architectural and live-entertainment situations. Emulation Pro™ works in combination with the ART SSC and ART IO as its DMX and IO interfaces, both devices are connected by Ethernet. Emulation Pro™ is available for download. The license is included in the ART SSC, i.e. each ARTSSC interface unlocks 2 universes in the Emulation Pro software.

Emulation comes with a Rigger?s remote application that runs on your iPhone and other mobile devices with a modern Internet browser. This cool web-application currently offers two features: a patch list and a playback button page. The patch list in the Rigger?s Remote displays - in real-time - all fixtures in the Emulation patch and their settings like mode and starting address. The address is shown in decimal and dip switch manner. The patch list feature allows the Emulation operator to go on stage and conveniently set the address on each fixture having all the information shown on the iPhone. The Rigger?s remote also features a playback button page that can trigger cuelists. Do you need a break from your long gig? This feature enables you to trigger cues from backstage or while you are up in the rig

You can use Emulation on your preferred platform; it is available on Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.
Emulation software is shipped with a USB to DMX interface. The interface sends out 512 channels through a ESD protected DMX512-A port. Once the hardware interface is plugged in your computer the DMX data is duplicated over Art-Net. This is also useful for connecting to 3rd party visualizers.
The cuelist system in Emulation, used for programming light sequences, is analog to the systems used on larger lighting consoles. It features separate Delay, Fade in & Fade out timing and comes with a shape generator and programmer window.


  • Multi-Platform
  • DMX512A + Art-net
  • Industry-Standard Cuelists
  • MIDI Control Surfaces
  • 100% Touch Screen Compatible
  • 1500+ Personality Files
  • iPHONE Riggers Remote
  • Multi-language
  • Clipboard & Undo
  • Globals
  • Forum


Minimal System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X:
      -  Apple Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 orhigher)
      -  Intel CPU 1 GHz or equivalent
     -  XGA 1024x768
      -  512 MB RAM Memory
      -  50MB Disk Space
  • Windows:
      -  Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or Windows7
      -  32 & 64 bit drivers
      -  XGA1024x768
      -  512 MB RAM Memory
      -  30 MB Disk Space
  • Linux:
      -  Ubuntu 8.04 or higher
     -  XGA 1024x768
      -  512 MB RAM Memory
      -  30MB Disk Space
  • Other Specifications:
      -  Multi-core CPU optimizedsoftware engine that runs at 33Hz
      -  Maximum 48 Individualfixtures, plus 10 sub fixtures each (e.g. 10 [3ch] RGB led fixtures can beregarded as 1 fixture)
      -  Unlimited Groups andSub-masters
      -  64 Playback Faders + 64 PlaybackButtons
      -  USB Joystick support


overall great product, 5 stars Review by Arden Gardner
If there is anyone wether it's mobile DJ's or small venue (or heck even Mid sized) looking to upgrade their lighting or other equipment, I would suggest going with the Elation Emulation Pro Control Software. This will surely compliment your personal inventory and make a good addition to have in your inventory. (Posted on 1/20/2016)


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